This is Budo Yoga.

A practice for the curious. warriors. determined. seekers. lovers of freedom

Budo & Yoga

They may seem different at first glance, Yoga and Budo, but taking a closer look they show themselves to be related and interwoven spiritual paths, the treading of which can bring us a life of contentment, independence, and freedom.

Yoga originated many thousands of years ago in connection with religious practices, but is not to be understood as a religion, but rather as a philosophy or even a system for attaining enlightenment. The much younger Budo developed from Bujutsu, the martial art and Buddhist influences in times of peace in the Edo period (1603 to 1868 in Japan), when especially the warriors had to find a new sense in life.

Both involve mental and physical exercises that train the practitioner in self-awareness and control. In this way it is possible to advance to the true core of one’s being and to find in it the highest state of consciousness, that of unity, detachment, and happiness.

Through physical effort and discipline, the mind is brought to rest, the ability to endure the struggle with oneself trains a respectful, peaceful, and benevolent character.

Since the human body is designed in a certain way, exercises from yoga can be combined wonderfully with exercises from martial arts, as seamlessly and naturally as if they had been one from the start.

About me…

As a practicing budoka (martial artist) for many years, I found my way to yoga through a simple desire to work on my flexibility. What I discovered was so much more that it took over my entire life and led to the decision to become a yoga teacher. I teach as a Shoden Menkyo at Takeda Ryu Kobilza Ha (a school of Japanese Traditional Martial Arts), completed the Yoga Alliance certified 200h Yoga Teacher training, the 500h Meditation teacher CMT as well as the Far Eastern Martial Arts Instructor training at BSPA.

I love stories and adventures in any form; to experience, read, write, or play. I also spend a lot of time in nature, am an occasional actress and am a music lover. My heart belongs to my dogs, my horses, and the wonderful people surrounding me, my friends and family.

…and my approach to Yoga

Both Budo and Yoga are paths that can lead to a life of freedom. In my classes I want to create the space to expand personal boundaries through discipline, ease and a coming back to our true self. It doesn’t matter what difficulties we face in life, only we can stand in our own way. And that is exactly what we can – and want to – change.


What to expect

All the classes without address in the description are online classes.


If you want to see me in person or just don’t like online classes, you always have the possibility to come to my classes in the Studio Germergasse in Baden, to workshops or retreats and of course to take private lessons for special concentration or attention.


If you don’t have time but would like to join the a class, you can request a link to the recording and have one week to catch up. To do this, just sign up for the appropriate class regularily and email me so I can send you the recording afterwards.


I like to work with props, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to spend a lot of money! Everything can be easily replaced with items from everyday life. So, if you’re not yet sure you want to make yoga a part of your everyday life, don’t worry; try it out first, and then if you like, you can accessorize with everything you need, or just want to have.

We begin and end our time together with a short, meditative gathering and focus of our thoughts. Then we move into a mixture of hatha yoga, flows, and elements of martial arts and general movement practices. All classes are open to beginners and advanced, motivated and curious.

The classes called “Budo Yoga” are the most challenging and physically demanding, so are suitable for anyone who wants to push themselves and their limits.

The “gentle” yoga class is characterized by slowing down the pace, here there is more time to approach each asana individually and get well into feeling the body.

“Yoga for the Back” focuses on strengthening and stretching the back and all surrounding structures.

“Yin Yoga” is a meditative practice focusing on the fascial tissues, which allows for letting go on a mental and physical level. Especially a restless mind can benefit enormously from this practice.

“Meditation” helps us to stop letting our thoughts control us. In courses and open classes we learn Skills that will lead us to a more satisfied and fulfilled life.